Andrew Johnsen

Principal Consultant

Andrew is a senior ICT Design engineer in Consultel’s Telecommunications Design and ICT Design Business Unit.

Andrew is a highly qualified engineer who has amassed an impressive level of skills and experience in the design of telecommunications and IT systems.
Andrew has highly attuned analytical and trouble shooting skills. He has been able to bring together a theoretical and operational experience from both corporate and environment to provide an excellent ICT design management capability.
An excellent written and verbal communicator, Andrew is highly self motivated. He has been able to extend his skills from the frontline design to the management of design teams. His design team management capability is excellent and his staff, through his guidance, become highly motivated and produce excellent results.

Bachelor of Engineering – Telecommunications & Networks
Cisco CCNP Switching Course
Cisco CCNA Certified (CSCO11745110)
ACMA (AUSTEL) Open Cabling Licence (A002036)
PMP Short course
Enjine Fibre Optic Training Course
NORTEL Optical Metro WDM Operations and Maintenance

Integrated Systems Design
Fibre Optic Technologies
Converged IP Networks
Transmission Networks
HFC Technologies
Project Management