Consultel, under long term agreement with Clarity International, provided Telecommunications Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to Taiwan Fixed Networks to assist with the integration of the Clarity Operational Support and Network Management System (OS&NMS) into Telecommunications Carrier Network.

Taiwan Fixed Network was established in late 2000 under the liberalisation of telecommunications policy in Taipei.  Established with a dedicated fibre optic backbone, TFN has operated at the leading edge of telecommunication infrastructure globally.

Aimed initially at providing high speed broadband services with FTTP solutions, TFN has now expanded its services to the full range of carrier offerings.


Consultel was contracted by TFN to provide a Team of Subject Matter Experts to Taiwan TFN (Taiwan Fixed Network Company) to project manage and liaise with equipment vendors, TFN and Clarity to deliver the Operational Support System.


Initially, Consultel provided Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), responsible for software and network integration during the roll-out of a Greenfields telecommunications network worth in excess of US$1billion.  Our services included:

  • Service Definition – Assist TFN in defining service parameters for their product suite.
    • Network Modelling – Working with the equipment vendors and TFN, a model of the TFN network has been developed.  An understanding of the network configuration, in particular the individual network elements, and the mapping both between and across individual network elements, was required for the development of network element port templates for the OS&NMS configuration management database.
    • OS&NMS Database Initialisation – Population of the OS&NMS configuration management database with network element specific data such as network element location, network element ID’s, port templates, equipment configuration and alarm data.
    • Development of Service, Technical, and Engineering Templates for each network element, and/or vendor supplied network management system to enable the software development team to integrate the Service Provisioning, Performance Monitoring, and Alarm Management functions into the Clarity OS&NMS.

Consultel also fulfilled numerous other roles on this project, including database management and modelling the entire network for inclusion in TFN’s production Oracle database for use by the Clarity OSS, which in turn controls the vendor network element management systems (NEMS). It also included functional specification, training, quality assurance/testing, business analysis & process, project management and various other roles.

Network modelling included approximately 2,000 network elements, including approximately 170 SDH rings, 10 DWDM rings, 70 ATM switches, 1,200 multi-service access nodes, 16 PSTN switches with Intelligent Network (IN) functionality, 50 IP switches/routers, RAS, LMDS, DCME, DACS and network synchronisation devices. Services offered over this network include voice/PABX/IN services, ISDN, ATM, Frame Relay, Leased Line, ADSL and other IP related services.  When Consultel finished working in Taiwan, TFN’s production database contained more than 12,000 circuits.