The project was to understand the current Rheem voice system and user requirements; being for office telephony and contact centre; and provide advice on transitional arrangements to Unified Communications, along with:

  • a specification for a PABX system upgrade;
  • assisting with RFT issue and evaluation; and
  • assisting with BAFO issue and evaluation.


Rheem has an aging PABX system, which was nearing the end of service life and no longer providing the functionality required by the business, namely the Contact Centre.  Rheem was planning for a future replacement and engaged Consultel to assist with this process, including sourcing a new system.


Consultel consultants worked closely with the Rheem IT group to seek a replacement for their current telephony system.  Consultel undertook a series of discovery meetings with key Rheem stakeholders to understand current issues and limitations of the existing PABX and establish future user and business requirements.  From these discussions, Consultel developed of a set of functional requirements and an RFT specification which could be used to drive their future voice system design and procurement.

Consultel also assisted Rheem in determining suitable suppliers (as part of the RFT evaluation activities) and providing recommendation on a preferred supplier to Rheem.