Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority


As part of a quality governance process, ESTA commissioned Consultel to review the EAS architecture and infrastructure to identify potential single points-of-failure, reliability risks and to identify any mitigation actions and reliability improvements.


The EAS is a telecommunications network that provides one way radio paging services for various Victorian Emergency Services Organisation members throughout Victoria. The EAS provides a range of applications to improve the capability, efficiency and effectiveness of Victoria’s Emergency Services Organisations. Applications include dispatch and notification messaging from CAD centres (at Ballarat, THO and WTC), and ESO centres.

The Service provider is VEC Network Pty Ltd, with LSE Technology (Australia) Pty. Ltd. (LSE) as its nominated service Operation and Maintenance contractor (i.e. the service operator).

Following a series of service availability issues and because of the impending end of the service contract (in 2012), ESTA has decided to review the network, its operation, and identify any areas where single points of failure may exist, or areas where reliability and availability could be improved.


Consultel reviewed processes and documentation held by ESTA and had discussions with a number of their EAS technical staff.  Network diagrams were provided and reviewed as well as process documents and the like.  Also our consultants had discussions with LSE/VEC; the operator (maintenance and support) of the EAS.  Whilst the review was an all-encompassing examination of the network to identify areas of weakness, there were some specific incidents which needed to be investigated.

The review was completed in three weeks and this was possible due to excellent access to ESTA and LSE key resources.

A report summarising the results of our review was prepared and issued to ESTA as a draft for comment.  The report included a range of short, medium and long term recommendations designed to improve the robustness and reliability of the network, and as far as possible remove or minimise the single points of failure.

The review was completed on time and on budget and the client (ESTA) was complimentary of the work provided by Consultel.