The Australian Department of Defence is one of the largest users of radio spectrum in the Australasian region.   Given the demand for radio spectrum the Australian Communication and Media Authority called for submissions from interested parties in relation to four issues relating to the future of Radio Frequency Spectrum in Australia.


Due to the technical nature of the requests by the ACMA and Department of Defence having considerable resource constraints at the time, the Department of Defence sought the assistance of Consultel to draft an official response on their behalf.

Consultel was required to deliver four detailed submissions on behalf of the Department of Defence covering:

  • Spectrum Management Principles;
  • Five-year Spectrum Outlook 2009–2014;
  • Independent Review of Government Spectrum Holdings; and
  • Spectrum Options: 403–520 MHz – Initial consultation on future arrangements for the 400 MHz band.


After agreeing with Defence on a framework for the responses, Consultel established a special Project Team with a Project Manager to coordinate the overall project.   The work of conducting research and drafting the papers was allocated to four experts in their respective fields who set about the task of gathering a large amount of information from a number of Defence and non-Defence related sources.

Sources included previous papers written by Defence on the topics and a substantial amount of other information received from them over the course of the project.   During the project, a number of face to face meetings were held with representatives of Defence, both in Canberra and Melbourne, to gather additional information and check on the directions being taken with the papers.